Caoimhe Durnin:
Asset Management, HSBC


Your name?
Caoimhe Durnin

Your job title?
Senior Manager Risk Weighted Asset Management, HSBC.

What are your main tasks / responsibilities ?

My current role in HSBC is focused on accurate calculation and reporting of RWAs/EL (Risk Weighted Assets / Expected Loss) across all regions and businesses in HSBC

How do you use maths in your job?

I don’t specifically use any mathematical techniques or methods that I learned in University. However mathematical flair and sophistication which I greatly enhanced in university are essential skills for any form of problem solving both in and out of the office. My work provides many complex and diverse problems that are seeking a solution, therefore I rely heavily on my mathematical logical reasoning. Many fear that any statistical outputs are highly complex and difficult to comprehend, my role is to simplify and show that there is basic reasoning behind perceived complexity. This provides my stakeholders with the knowledge to understand the proposal/results the are reviewing and also to give them the confidence to challenge them against application in the live business environment. I am required to explain complex mathematical and statistical theories through logical and tangible examples so that my stakeholders have an improved understanding of the concept; statistical techniques may be difficult to comprehend however the underlying concept is not.

Educational Background

Mathematical Science, UCD