PJ Henry:
Stock Trading Educator


Your name?
PJ Henry

Your job title?
Stock Trading Educator

What are you main tasks/ responsibilities as a Stock Trading Educator?
My primary responsibility is to  be aware of current stock market movements and to adjust investment strategies accordingly.
I organise events for Transition Year students on the basics of stock trading and also events for the general public. Investment strategies are explained to all participants and they can ‘trade’ with dummy accounts. For the transition year students, it shows real trading on the computer!

How do you use mathematics in your job?
I use a significant amount of maths in my job, particularly plotting and charting data and calculating moving averages which show overall market trends. I also use percentages and financial maths equations a lot.

What type of mathematics do you use to solve problems?
Statistics and Probability, Charting, Percentages, Ratios, some algebra and arithmetic.

What aspects of the mathematics curriculum or mathematics courses have proven most useful to you?
Statistics and probability mostly. Also financial mathematics.

What is your education to date?
B.Eng, Industrial Engineering (NUIG)