Seismology in Schools:
Earth Science Education

sesimologyWhat is ‘Seismology in Schools’?

An Outreach pilot programme called Seismology in Schools (Seismeolaíocht sa Scoil) was introduced by the Dublin Institute for Advanced studies to over 50 primary and secondary schools throughout Ireland. Currently there are 55 primary and secondary schools in the programme and has now been extended to include colleges, universities and geo-parks. Using the seismometer and associated software distributed in this programme, students are able to record and study earthquakes from the other side of the world in real-time.

What Mathematics can I learn through Seismology in Schools?

Statistics & Probability, Geometry, Trigonometry, Arithmetic and Algebra.

How does it work?

Your school can purchase a seismometer that you and your classmates set up with your teacher. When a large earthquake occurs somewhere in the world, your seismometer will have hopefully recorded it. You can download the data, share it with other schools around Ireland, and study how seismic waves travel around the world and explore how data like this can be used to ‘look inside’ the Earth! Contact DIAS for more information.